They Want to Coddle the Corporations

A letter to the editor author in my local newspaper wrote:

“There are four major reasons that jobs have been lost and will not return: high corporate tax rates, high labor costs, high litigation costs and high regulatory compliance costs. The emerging economies of China and India are not encumbered by such costs. Without relieving our business sector of the enormous costs imposed by our government we cannot hope to create viable, sustainable, high-tech jobs that can provide families with a reasonable standard of living.”

The concept that we need to allow the U.S. to mirror the economic climate of countries where the per capita income is $6,600 (China) or $3,000 (India) is ludicrous when our income per capita is around $45,000.

So where are the jobs? BLS’ Productivity numbers show that employers need to add workers, but they have fear instead of confidence. This is one of the waste products of the right wing propaganda machine. A graph from the Rachel Maddow show put the economic recovery in perspective, but it goes against the conservative meme that President Obama and the stimulus he proposed are a failure.

The letter was just a regurgitation of the rw propaganda that has only one goal–portray the president’s successes as failures or face political defeat that might just move the country away from being of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations. Reducing labor costs, compliance needs (safety), tax burden (gimme a break), and tort reform supports business at the cost of all workers. Why should any business with an ounce of quality, creativity, or ingenuity need to be coddled to that extent? It’s just another effort to transform the middle class into the over-working poor.


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