Come Celebrate With Us!

The jobs news for the past 2 months certainly is a cause for optimism that the sluggish recovery is seeing improvement. The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that January’s job numbers were +243,000 jobs. This adds to December’s gains of +203,000 jobs. This is the sixteenth consecutive month of job gains for a total of a one and a half percent drop in the unemployment rate. Americans should cautiously celebrate that the economy is getting back on track.

Some Americans aren’t celebrating. Mitt Romney coolly “welcomed” the news but suggested that the president deserved no credit for the gains. Eric Cantor thought we should have done better and that the success is related to the president’s recognition of GOP ideals. John Boehner used the term welcome as well, but added that the good news wasn’t good enough. Lukewarm responses at best.

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said that the jobless rate reported is “corrupt as it can be.” Attacking the professional statisticians at the non-partisan Bureau of Labor Statistics reeks of desperate denial. FoxNews headlined that “Lawmakers were Divided on Jobs Report” and touted the “bad news behind the good numbers.” If “lawmakers were divided” does that mean that some were unhappy about this good news?

So I wonder, what keeps Republican politicians and media figures from being happy that more Americans are working? Why haven’t they chosen a path of enthusiasm for the country’s resilience that would boost confidence, lower uncertainty, and pay dividends with increased economic momentum?

Read more about the January jobs numbers here:


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