As the war machine keeps turning

War Pigs

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death’s construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait ’til their judgement day comes

Now in darkness world stops turning
Ashes where the bodies burning
No more war pigs have the power
Hand of God has struck the hour

Day of judgement, God is calling
On their knees the war pig’s crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan laughing spreads his wings

1970 Written by F. IOMMI, W. WARD, T. BUTLER, J. OSBOURNE
Performed by Black Sabbath

(Listen to it at

Quotes suggest that Black Sabbath wasn’t all that into the anti-war movement and it’s said this song evolved from a straight witches and sorcery version called “Walpurgis” that was making record executives uneasy. Yet, it’s striking that on their second album, Paranoid, these young prototypical metal freaks hit on the major points driving the anti-war sentiment. The power structure  manufactured wars  selling them to the masses and reaping the gold and glory while the poor paid in blood, fear, and isolation. Finally, the appetite for destruction would lead only to horrible ends.

Seems like the recognition of the futility and ugliness of war was such common sentiment in the 1970s that it’s mind-boggling to see where some would take us today. After 9/11, when we allowed ourselves to be passively  led to other wars by the shock and disorientation of that terrible day, did we not once again begin to return to the common sense view of the truth about American bullying abroad?

Then why oh why are we going down this road again?

Amid the background noise bubbling up from the fear-mongering right-wing press out pops Governor Romney trying his best-est to destabilize international relations, reinforce the image of the ugly American unilaterally deciding the fate of  sovereign nations, and playing at fake deals with the Israeli Prime Minister and conservative thug, “Bibi” Netanyahu. “Oh, American people not buying the dehumanization of Palestinians to the degree that serves you, Bibi?” He talks tough with China, calls Russia “our number one geopolitical foe” and suggests that we should not be ending the Afghan occupation. The contrast between “Forward” and turning back the clock couldn’t be clearer.

Hopeless or referencing Eagles song? “Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses?” No habla espanol.


Rick Perry was groomed by handlers to be Reaganesque and it served him well. Post-primary season he has been busy turning Texas into a Christian Taliban stronghold and on this smaller stage he’s having great success. Perry recently said America is engaged in “spiritual warfare” and that Religious Right activists who “truly are Christian warriors, Christian soldiers” need to stand up to “activist courts” and “President Obama and his cronies in Washington.” While 6 million in Texas (25% of the population) are uninsured, he vows to reject Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. That means he places the burden of caring for the uninsured on the already challenged financial back of the State’s hospitals. His administration backed a voter ID law that was struck down in late August around the same time a Federal court ruled that political maps drawn by the Republican-controlled Legislature in Texas discriminated against minority voters. He’s backed The Source for Women as the model for Texas women’s health centers but it provides only counseling, no reproductive medicine services. He is positioning a move away from Medicaid’s Women’s Health Program which would starve funding for Planned Parenthood in Texas. More here.  Perry vowed to ignore the Obama administration’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” plan as a “slap in the face to the rule of law.” But we use Perry mainly to reintroduce the ghost of Ronald Reagan (while maintaining real sympathy for the majority of Texans who are not as bat-shit crazy as Perry and his base of rich preachers hell-bent on Christian rule).

The GOP establishment clearly thinks that “Reaganesque” has legs. They place Reagan in a holy, exalted place–totally pedastalized by our most backward thinkers. They refer to him as Ronaldus Magnus (Magnus meaning great in Latin) and believe an overwhelming pantload of fake history. I’m sure that portraits will be showing up with halos illuminated soon.

One of Reagan’s tactics, detailed very extensively in the new Rachel Maddow book, Drift, was to ride commie bashing to the top. Red-baiting got him elected and served as the impetus for a scheme where the false suggestion that the Soviets had passed up the U.S. in arms stockpiling and weapons production would allow him to justify the expense of a massive arms buildup. He told Walter Cronkite in 1981 that Soviet leaders were “liars and thieves” and “We’re naive if we don’t remember their ideology is without God, without our idea of morality in the religious sense–their statement about morality is that nothing is immoral if it furthers their cause, which means that they can resort to lying or stealing or cheating or even murder if it furthers their cause.”  Based on the wildly false estimates of anti-commie zealots he promoted the idea that Soviet investment in military hardware exceeded the U.S.’s by $500 billion. In his 8 years in office, he doubled military expenditures while turning America from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation.

Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev said, “It is dangerous madness to try to defeat each other in the arms race and to count on victory in nuclear war…No matter what method of unleashing nuclear war he chooses, he will not attain his aims. Retributions will ensue ineluctably.” Brezhnev’s deputy (and future General Secretary) Konstantin Chernenko said, nuclear war “must not be permitted…it is criminal to look upon nuclear war as a rational, almost legitimate continuation of policy.” Another deputy (and future General Secretary), Yuri Andropov, said “any attempt to resolve the historic conflict between these systems by means of military clash would be fatal for mankind.”

Reagan’s position? “Unlike us, the Soviet Union believes that a nuclear war is possible and they believe it is winnable.” Then he doubled down by promoting the “Star Wars” missile defense which would have broken the stalemate of mutually assured destruction had it any chance of working.

Fast forward to 2012 and Romney reintroduces the Soviet threat while talking about the immoral Jihadists as the stand-in for commies. Of course, they believe in God… but it’s not the RIGHT God.

So Romney promises to boost Pentagon spending to 4% of GDP (repeating history like it was Groundhog Day and he had a shot at Andie MacDowell). Without other spending cuts, (think Medicare and Medicaid), then that would add $2 trillion to the deficit over 10 years. Budget experts are stumped on how anyone could cut taxes and increase defense spending and reduce instead of enlarge deficit and debt. But Mr. Romney seems untroubled by details.

Some contrasting views on the topic of war.

“A military option is one which would be available to the president of the United States.”

“I think we have to also be ready to take whatever action is necessary to ensure that we do not have any kind of weapon of mass destruction falling into the hands of terrorists and whether that requires troops, or whether that requires other actions by our friends and allies.

― Gov. Romney in an interview with CBS News.


“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.”
~Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Israel does not want us to make it more difficult for them to sit down with the Palestinians. Ultimately, the Palestinians and the Israelis are going to have to agree on how they’re going to settle the differences between them. My view is this: We stand with the Israeli people. We link arms with them. If we disagree with them, like this president has time and time again, we don’t do it in public like he’s done it, we do it in private. And we let the Israeli leadership describe what they believe the right course is going forward.”

― Mitt Romney in the Yahoo’s “Your Voice Your Vote” debate in Iowa, December 2011


It is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners.
~Albert Camus

“We should employ any and all measures to dissuade the Iranian regime from its nuclear course, and it is our fervent hope that diplomatic and economic measures will do so… In the final analysis, of course, no option should be excluded.”
–Romney at Mishkenot Sha’anamim, a cultural center in Jerusalem.


The chain reaction of evil–wars producing more wars — must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.
~Martin Luther King, Jr.


“No question in my view that we can put all manner of pressure on the regime that’s there, but they have to also know that a military option is one which we’d be willing to consider if they do not take action to dissuade a course towards nuclearization,” Romney said of Iran in an interview with CBS News.


Force always attracts men of low morality.
~Albert Einstein


“This is President Obama’s greatest failing, from a foreign policy standpoint, which is he recognized the gravest threat that America faced was a nuclear Iran and he did not do what was necessary to get Iran to be dissuaded from their nuclear folly… Finally, the president should have built credible threat of military action, and made it very clear that the US is willing, in the final analysis, if necessary, to take military action to keep Iran from having a nuclear weapon. Look, one thing you can know: if we reelect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon. And if we elect Mitt Romney, if you’d like me as the next president, they will not have a nuclear weapon.”
— Romney in 2011 debate on Foreign Policy in South Carolina


Military glory–that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood–that serpent’s eye, that charms to destroy…
~Abraham Lincoln


“Let’s consider the greatest challenge facing America–and facing the entire civilized world: the threat of violent, radical Jihad. In one wing of the world of Islam, there is a conviction that all governments should be destroyed and replaced by a religious caliphate. These Jihadists will battle any form of democracy. To them, democracy is blasphemous for it says that citizens, not God shape the law. They find the idea of human equality to be offensive. They hate everything we believe about freedom just as we hate everything they believe about radical Jihad. Barack and Hillary have made their intentions clear regarding Iraq and the war on terror. They would retreat and declare defeat. And the consequence of that would be devastating. It would mean attacks on America, launched from safe havens that make Afghanistan under the Taliban look like child’s play. About this, I have no doubt.”
–Mitt Romney at 2008 Conservative Political Action Conference


It is part of the general pattern of misguided policy that our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear.
~General Douglas MacArthur


The right course for America is not to negotiate with the Taliban while the Taliban are killing our soldiers.”
–Romney during  South Carolina primary debate


All forms of violence, especially war, are totally unacceptable as means to settle disputes between and among nations, groups and persons.
~Dalai Lama


So finally, after 2000 words, a picture to (I hope) make you smile.


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