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Wishing everyone the best in the Holiday Season. While 1984’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” certainly strikes a strange chord asking if starving Ethiopian children knew it was Christmas, Geldorf and company’s hearts were in the right place, sending millions of pounds (£ not lb.) to aid the stricken country.


As the year winds down, many are like me in that they take stock of their year and even of their lives.

For example, I wonder why people lose any roundness in their asses as they age. What evolutionary imperative was there to tie flat butts to age? It can’t be related to natural selection because this occurs after the typical child creating period. I’m stumped, although some would say it’s Sarcopenia.

As a boomer I also wonder why it would take a staff of 4 working full-time to keep my ears and nose free of stray hair. Shouldn’t I just be losing hair? Is that too personal?

I think of the Outkast song “Happy Valentine’s Day” with Andre 3000 singing:

Happy Valentine’s Day
Every day the 14th!
Now I know your hearts have grown cold
And that bothers me
Now I understand ’cause I use to be a bad boy in my day
I know you’re trying to protect your lil’ feelings
but you can’t run away

Ya’ won’t believe in me, but you would fancy..
(Hey! Don’t you supposed to be some kind of player or something?)

And I think, hey, every day is NOT Valentine’s Day (hell no) and was I supposed to be some kind of player or something?

I think about groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) whose response to losing mainstream sponsors through public pressure is to double down on their willingness to work to provide happy endings to predatory greed-heads, most recently trying to push legislation to tax those who have solar power and sell it back to utilities. They portray them not as entrepreneurial individualists but as “free loaders.” Are the American people really so brain-dead that they cannot see the corruption and immorality of this kind of group? (Just can’t leave politics out of a post.)

I think about T, as in Low-T not Mr. T, and wonder if after a lifetime of surrendering your own self-interests to the interest of bosses and significant others that it isn’t shocking to find that one is able to produce any T at all? Is man the only animal that gets fat and compliant by self-castrating? Do you wish you’d skipped this paragraph?

I think about the many, many bloggers (and essayists) with small audiences like myself who write because they can, they want to, and they get satisfaction. As the New Testament (should have) said, “Bless the unread for they will be comforted.”

I think about those I have lost that have left me as the oldest generation in my family. I miss them at the holidays, I see the road that leads me to them, and I acknowledge the slow inevitability of the course of a life, hoping mine will be viewed as well-lived in the end.

Lastly, I think about forcing myself to look at each day and minute as a gift and remembering that the complex texture of life doesn’t detract from my happiness nearly as much as it adds to my interest and participation.

Best wishes to all,


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