“There’s a feeling in music and it carries you back down the road you have traveled and makes you travel it again. Sometimes when I hear music I think back over my days – and a feeling that is fifty-fifty joy and pain swells like clouds taking all kinds of shapes in my mind.” – Woody Guthrie

What I try to do here is use song lyrics or other cultural references to launch my musings on topics of political, social, or historical interest. The segues can be bumpy but we always get to where we’re going. I have the sense that many in my generation are sleepwalking after the ups and downs of a lifetime and need to have their social consciousness re-aroused. Further, that music may be the vehicle to accomplish that.

I guess I’ve always been on the left side of the political continuum. Born in the 50’s, I am a boomer as well. I became politically aware as a young guy in the late 1960’s and I generally embrace progressive priorities. I believe that social liberalism, the ability of a government to make the society more just and equitable for all its citizens, is not just an ideal but it is a proven fact. That some programs aren’t perfect is not a problem for me since as a progressive I am open to the idea of changing them instead of conservatively sticking with the established point of view.

My name is Dave and I live with my family in suburban Chicago. I work in healthcare, do a little Web design, and like puppies and long walks on the beach at sunset. And Hennessy Cognac.


Me and the Datsun B210

circa 1977

Gram's House

Dad and Us. Jack left us in July 2010.